Casual Firefighter Program

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Casual Firefighter Program
Engine 96
Kananaskis Emergency Services operates a Casual Firefighter Program to assist with it's multi-tiered staffing model. The position, started in 2016, has continued to expand and as of 2020 covers 7-days a week. The position provides a qualified and experienced driver operator at the rank of Senior Firefighter, who works along side the station officer to provide emergency and non-emergency response duties (fire suppression, vehicle rescue, medical first response, structural rescue, hazardous material interventions, wildland urban interface, wildland fire suppression, helicopter operations and assisting with backcountry/slope rescue); ensure apparatus and equipment readiness; complete station duties; assist in the delivery of training to Paid On Call members; participate in community engagement and prevention activities; as the Senior Firefighter on shift.
The position is suitable for individuals who already posses the certified training delivered through the Firefighter Residency Apprenticeship Program and therefore are not eligible to apply through that program.
Shift Structure
Shifts are 24-hours with 14-hours core (0700-2100) and 10-hours on-call (2100-0700). Accommodations are provided at the station for on-call hours for those who do not reside within the response area.
Casual Firefighters are required to submit at least four (4) days of availability per month and work a minimum of 2 shifts (48-hours) per month; up to eight (8) shifts per month may be available. Shifts are scheduled one month in advance with availability required to be submitted six-weeks ahead of the next month (March availability submitted by mid January, March schedule released by the beginning of February).
As part of the application process, applicants are requested to submit the Casual Availability Form indicating the usual days of availability they have within any given month. 
Minimum Qualifications
  • High School Diploma
  • Accredited NFPA 1001 Level 2
  • Accredited NFPA 1002 Pump Operator
  • ICS100
  • Valid Class 3(or higher) Valid Operator’s License with air brake endorsement, less than 6 demerits
  • Standard First Aid, CPR-BLS/HCP.
  • 2 years experience with a recognized fire service

Preference will be given to applicants that have completed NFPA 1002 Aerial Operator, NFPA 1051 Wildland Firefighter, Advanced First Aid, Emergency Medical Responder training, have a demonstrated knowledge of the Kananaskis Improvement District and have completed an accredited Defensive Driving Course. 

Program Benefits
  • Obtain additional experience in the field of fire and emergency services
  • Work with a progressive and innovative organization
  • Work in a state of the art facility with world-class equipment
  • Work in the spectacular setting of Alberta's Crown Jewel
  • Provincial Wildland Urban Interface deployment opportunties
  • Instructional opportunties
  • Continued training and certification opportunities (as available)
      • 1051 Wildland Firefighter
      • 1002 Aerial
      • 1006 Vehicle Rescue
      • 1006 Rescue Awareness (slope rescue)
      • 1041 Instructor
      • Willdan Urban Interface - Member
      • ICS
      • First Aid & CPR Recertification
      • First Medical Responder Training
      • Annual Interior Live Fire training
      • Flammable Liquids Training
Selection Process
Firefighter Knowledge Test
The Firefighter Knowledge test is a 100 question fundamental Firefighter test that assess the requisite knowledge based on the learning materials used for certification within Alberta. The test is comprised of questions from the following standards:
  • NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level I & II
  • NFPA 472 Awareness & Operations
  • NFPA 1002 Driver
  • NFPA 1002 Pumper, including pumping calculations.

Candidates will be given 2-hours to complete the multiple choice exam. Candidates are required to obtain a minimum mark of 70% to be successful. This threshold is in alignment with the academic requirements for completion of NFPA accreditation testing. Candidates looking to study for the Firefighter knowledge test can find study guide resources online and through IFSTA.

Physical Assessment

The physical assessment is comprised of an aerobic capacity and job specific task assessments. The physical assessment will be completed following the aptitude test.

Applicants can download the Candidate Physical Assessment Guide to learn more.

Candidates are required to complete and submit the Medical Self Assessment Form as part of their application to assess their suitability to participate in the physical assessment.

Panel Interview
Candidates will be contacted after the assessment day indicating if they have been successful in moving onto the next phase. The panel interview is conducted with members from Kananaskis Emergency Services. Interviews include situational questions, however, do not require the use of a specific answering format such as STAR. 
Driving & Pumping Assessment
Candidates will be required to complete a driving road test, on a designated route, after a brief orientation to the apparatus. The driving assessment is to evaluate the candidates comfort, skills and abilities operating fire apparatus in a controlled manner.
Candidates will also be required to perform practical pumping evaluations to test their ability to operate a fire apparatus pump. Candidates will be given a short orientation to the specific apparatus they will be using for testing, however, the focus of the exam is to test general operator skills, not apparatus specific knowledge. Practical pumping testing will include:
  • Supplying attack lines using the on-board water supply to initiate initial attack flow within 2 minutes of arrival
  • Establishing water supply from pressurized sources
  • Transitioning from on-board supply to pressurised supply while maintaining appropriate flow and pressure
  • Establishing water supply from static sources within 5 minutes
  • Flowing through attack lines and master streams
  • Trouble shooting for common issues
  • Using rule of thumb to establish initial water supply
  • Calculating accurate pump discharge pressures to maximize apparatus efficiency
Additional details regarding the Driving & Pumping assessment will be sent to those candidates selected to move to this stage of the process. 
Final Review & Offer
Upon completion of the driving & pumping assessment, the recruitment team will review all components of a candidates application to determine their suitability for the department. Successful candidates will be contacted with a verbal offer. Upon acceptance a written offer will be sent via email along with a request for personal records documentation (drivers abstract, criminal records check and doctors medical). This has been done to reduce the cost to applicants until they are successful in their application.
Please note the important dates included with the steps below:
  • Application Intake Closes
    • August 30th 2023
  • Firefighter Knowledge Test & Physical Assessment
    • September 1st 2023
  • Interview with Kananaskis Emergency Services
    • September 9th 2023
  • Driving & Pumping Practical Evaluation
    • September 15th 2023
  • Offer and request for records (criminal records check, drivers abstract and doctors medical) 
    • September 18th 2023
  • Orientation Boot Camp with Kananaskis Emergency Services
    • September 22nd & 23rd 2023
  • Begin working operational shifts
    • October 2023
Successful applicants will begin this program in October of 2023.
For questions or further information please contact Fire Chief Gary Robertson at or 403-591-2255.
Application Submission

Application submission is now open. View the posting and further details including compensation HERE.

Documents must be submitted in PDF format and as a single file for each of the main bullets listed below:

  • Cover letter and Resume
  • Drivers License
  • Medical Training Certification
  • Certifications, include all applicable (the following are the minimum certifications that are required to be included)
    • Copy of High school diploma
    • Copy of accredited NFPA 1001 Level II certificate
    • Copy of accredited NFPA 1002 Pumper certificate
    • Copy of ICS100 certificate
  • Medical Self Assessment Form
  • Casual Availability Form

Completed application submissions can be submitted by email to:

Fire Chief Gary Robertson 

Subject line: Casual Firefighter Application 2023 - (LASTNAME)



This position is recruited and hired as needed. The top of this page will indicate if a posting for the position is currently open and applications are being accepted. Outside of open positing, applications for the position are not accepted.