Council Compensation Disclosure

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Public Sector Compensation Disclosure
August 2019

In accordance with the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act (PSCTA), Public sector bodies are required to make public the names and compensation paid to:
•    employees who earn over $129,809; and
•    all councilors regardless of the amount earned.

This is a requirement under the PSCTA, which applies to:
•    agencies, boards and commissions governed by the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act;
•    independent offices of the Legislature;
•    employees of Covenant Health; and
•    other entities identified in the regulations.

The first posting was required by June 30, 2016, and updated postings are required annually by June 30 providing the information for the previous calendar year.

Honourariums claimed in 2016 to 2017 by KID Council Members are listed here.
For all Councillors, elected and appointed from October 2017 onwards honorariums are listed here. Most recent Council compensations are listed below.  

The honourarium amounts for 2017-2018 include work done for Kananaskis Improvement District as Council Members. Further, the Chair of the Kananaskis Improvement District is responsible to the Minister of Environment and Parks for some delegated authorities related to conducting council as described in Ministerial Order 53/96 and Ministerial Order 32/2018.

Council Chair and Council Members are paid in accordance with Order in Council 466/2007 issued October 10, 2007, being the Committee Remuneration Order, Schedule 2, Part A.

KID did not have any employees in 2016-2018 who earned over the compensation requirements for disclosure.

You can access the Government of Alberta’s Consolidated Public Sector Body Compensation Database at:
Consolidated Public Sector Body Compensation Database.

Information on Public Sector Compensation Transparency can be found on the website for Justice and Solicitor General at:
Justice and Solicitor General – Public Sector Compensation Transparency.
2018 KID Council Compensation Disclosure:
Melanie Gnyp..... $4,706.30
Darren Enns...... $3,064.14
Stephen Dodwell.. $2,808.81
Jeff Storck...... $3,286.79
Erum Afsar....... $19,565.84

2017 and 2016 Council
2017 KID Council Compensation Disclosure:
Bruce Lukey...... $15,424.70
Arn Hoffman...... $1,546.37
Mike Norton...... $1,691.40

2016 KID Council Compensation Disclosure:
Lukey, Bruce..... $19,261.07
Hoffman, Arnold.. $2,089.97
Billington, Susan $5,198.19
Norton, Mike..... $1,877.15
Thiesen, Jamie... $987.02