The Kananaskis Improvement District (KID) relies on a network of partnerships with other government departments to deliver our programs. KID’s principal government partners include the following organizations:

Alberta, Culture and Tourism
Alberta, Environment and Parks

Alberta Infrastructure
Alberta Transportation
Alberta Municipal Affairs
Alberta Justice and Solicitor General
Alberta Health Services
Alberta Economic Development Authority
Alberta Seniors
Bow Valley Regional Housing


The Kananaskis Improvement District(KID) establishes Committees, Boards and Commissions to carry out municipal duties and functions and manage the workload of delivering services within KID.

Sections 145 and 146 of Alberta’s Municipal Government Act empower Council to establish Council Committees to which it may delegate any of the powers given to it by the Minister. Temporary or ad hoc Committees examine specific issues, while Standing Committees may run from year to year dealing with ongoing issues such as finances or recreation. Council appoints the members of Standing Committees at its annual organizational meeting.

Boards and Commissions, on the other hand, are created by provincial legislation, rather than by Council, and are legally separate from the Council. Examples of Commissions are those that are established to provide regional services such as regional waste management and regional planning.

Kananaskis Country Interdepartmental Consultative Committee (KCICC)

KCICC oversees and coordinates land use within KID and interdepartmental activities and initiatives that impact Kananaskis Country. This role is set out in KCICC’s Terms of Reference, and the Committee’s authority resides in Ministerial Order 07/02 respecting the KID Land Use Order and Ministerial Order 08/02 which establishes KCICC. The KID is represented on the Kananaskis Country Interdepartmental Consultative Committee by the Chief Administrative Officer.

Kananaskis Subdivision Development Authority (SDA)

The SDA is responsible for receiving, processing and deciding on subdivision and development applications.

Subdivision Development and Appeal Board (SDAB)

Appeals from decisions of the SDA are heard by the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

To appeal a decision, a notice of appeal must be filed with the SDAB through the KID Development Officer

Assessment Review Board

Established through Parts 11 and 12 of the Municipal Government Act, the Assessment Review Board considers appeals by ratepayers that feel their assessments are inappropriate or unfair. While the Board cannot set or change tax rates, it can ask the assessor to make changes to assessments it feels are inappropriate. Appellants that are unsatisfied with the decision of the Assessment Review Board may appeal to the Municipal Government Board, whose decisions are final.

KCICC / KID Working Group

Kananaskis Country Interdepartmental Consultative Committee (KCICC), in cooperation with the Kananaskis Improvement District Council, has established the KCICC/KID Working Group. This working group consists of the Co-Chairs of KCICC, one manager from the Tourism Division and two KID Councillors which are appointed by KID Council.

Kananaskis Improvement District FireSmart Committee

To develop, implement, and maintain a long-term FireSmart program to reduce the threat of wildfire to human life, communities, and businesses within KID within the context of existing management plans and policies.

  • Direct and lead the development and implementation of the KID Wildland/Urban Interface Plan.
  • Support FireSmart public education/awareness initiatives within KID.
  • Promote community involvement in the FireSmart program.
  • Develop and support strong partnerships between all stakeholder groups in the municipality.
  • Secure ongoing funding for FireSmart initiatives through municipal, provincial, federal and FireSmart Community Grant opportunities.
  • Identify and present priorities to KID Council for FireSmart Community Grant funding expenditures for approval.



KID is represented in a broad range of regional boards and committees. The appointments listed below are effective as of October 22, 2014.

Opportunities to apply for Board and Committee positions arise from time to time and are posted on our Public Notices page.

Assessment Review Board
Arnold Hoffman
Jamie Tiessen (Alternate)

Bow River Basin Council
Arnold Hoffman
Mike Norton (Alternate)

Bow Valley Regional Housing Board
Bruce Lukey
Arnold Hoffman (Alternate)

Budget/Audit Committee
Kananaskis Improvement District Councillors
Chief Administrative Officer
Bruce Lukey (Chair)

Community Advisory Committee
Arn Hoffman
Craig Halifax (Chair)
Sondy Szymanis

Community FireSmart Committee
Jamie Tiessen (Chair)
Mike Norton (Alternate)

Community Futures – Highwood (Formerly HBDC)
Jamie Tiessen
Susan Billington (Alternate)

EPCOR Community Advisory Panel
Arnold Hoffman

Kananaskis Country Interdepartmental Consultative Committee / Kananaskis Improvement District Working Group
Dan DeSantis
Jamie Tiessen
Mike Norton (Alternate)

Kananaskis Improvement District - Subdivision Development Authority (SDA)
Dan DeSantis
Susan Billington (Alternate)

Marigold Library Board
Susan Billington
Arnold Hoffman (Alternate)

Sheep River Watershed Management Committee
Arnold Hoffman