Kananaskis Spring Newsletter

May 15, 2014
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This contest is no charge to enter and open to all residents, staff and ratepayers of the Kananaskis Improvement District.

Categories: The Seasons of Kananaskis (landscapes) 2. Alberta’s Playground (people in action) 3. Emergency Services at Work 4. The Flood of 2013

Prizes include your winning photo on a stretched canvas frame and a placement ribbon.

Please submit all photos to community@kananaskisid.ca with the following information. Your name, address, place of work, email address and phone number. For more Information visit our Facebook page (Kananaskis Community Updates) and look under events.



We will be holding Community Workshops in May. Please watch our Facebook page (Kananaskis Community Updates) or check on the new website for exact dates, times and content.


The year 2013 was a year of change and new beings. The RCMP and Nakiska Ski Hill implemented a Police Ski Patrol Program. The objective of the program is to have uniformed Police Officers on the ski hill to interact with the community and deter such activity as thefts, property crime, and drug and alcohol related offences,. The ski patrol is a volunteer-based program with qualified skiers and snowboarders of the RCMP.

With the flood of 2013 we saw an increase of calls for service to the RCMP related to requests to locate people and missing persons. The following are some of the stats for 2013:

  • Total calls for service - 489
  • Assist to General Public – includes missing persons and request to locate – 46
  • False 911 calls – 39
  • Theft complaints – 10
  • Drug investigations – 7
  • Traffic Collisions – 59
  • Impaired Driving – 4
  • Traffic Tickets – 392

SPRING FIRE SEASON STARTED MARCH 1stwildfire-ground-burning-stock-photo

Fire Season started March 1st. All burning, other than campfires, requires a burning permit from ESRD.

Spring feels like it’s just around the corner…but chances are, no matter where you are in the province, you’re still surrounded by piles of snow, cold air, and a bunch of cranky Albertans who can’t wait for summer. If you’re in that boat, wildfires are probably the last thing on your mind. After all, wildfires only happen in the hot, dry dog days of summer — right? Wrong. It seems incredible, but most of Alberta’s wildfires tend to happen earlier in the season. In fact, last year, half of Alberta’s 1,200 recorded wildfires started in May — and that’s not to mention all the ones that started earlier than that.

You might think that spring – when melting snow makes everything slushy — is too wet for wildfires to spark. But in order for precipitation (that’s rain and snow for us laypeople) to decrease wildfire risk, it has to be absorbed by the ground. And unfortunately, when snow melts, the ground is still frozen. Runoff isn’t absorbed — and when the snow is done melting, what is left is very dry — and very flammable. And based on our data, this is now happening earlier than it has before. http://aesrd.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/get-your-permits-ready-wildfire-season-starts-march-1st/




The next Council Meetng is on Tuesday May 6 at 1:00pm in the Council Chambers on the lower level of the Kananaskis Village Centre building.


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