Chinese New Year Community Potluck

February 9, 2015
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Join us at the Kananaskis Emergency Services Training Cabin for our 2nd Chinese New Year Community Potluck Dinner.

Bring a dish of food for everyone to share, enjoy the company of your friends, family and meet some new people.

Get your Chinese Horoscope for 2015.

 Optimize Your Luck for 2015

1. Decorate house doors with red scrolls on which Chinese characters are written and hang up red paper lanterns.

2. Make sure there are healthy, preferably blooming, plants around the house. They symbolize life and renewal.

3. Settle all debts. You must not owe anyone money.

4. Thoroughly clean the house before the first day of the year.

5. Get a haircut and wear new or red clothes.

6. Attend the Chinese New Year Community Potluck.

Chinese New Year 2015

(Members of the Kananaskis Community only please)